10 Major SEO Mistakes You Might Make In 2019


SEO mistakes

Starters in SEO make these mistakes because either they are not aware of the basics or because they don’t really understand it. Starters in SEO make these mistakes because either they are not aware of the basics or because they don’t really understand it. Since SEO is a very fast-changing industry, it is very important to stay informed about the latest developments in the industry.

In this post, you are going to read about three major and seven minor mistakes that SEO starters make.

1. Not Using Keyword Research Tools
A keyword research tool such as Google Keyword Tool will give an insight into what people in the world are querying in Google’s Search Box and other search engines. By including those essential keywords in articles and pages of your website, it becomes a lot easier to find your website. It helps the content to be more relevant. There are some people who believe that they are somehow cheating the system by using such tools before creating any content. This is, in fact, one of the biggest SEO mistakes to make.


2. Not Having Unique Titles & Descriptions
This is the biggest SEO mistake. Some webmasters do not understand the need for unique titles for each page on their website. The titles for the pages are very important as search crawlers and users, both will find your content using the same. This is the first thing a search engine, and importantly, the users read at first when they are trying what the specific page is for. Failing to provide a unique title, you will only minimize the chance of ranking high on search engines and in addition to that, you will drive away visitors from your website.

3. Not Being Active On Social Media
If you are missing out the social media, you are missing out one of the biggest opportunities to promote your website. It is a huge mistake if you are not taking social media seriously. It is one of the best and so far, the most effective way of promoting a website without investing a lot of money. Even SEO experts are agreeing that social media is gaining more ground day by day as a ranking factor and a good source of generating traffic for websites. Nobody needs to be active in all social media networks or spend a hell lot of time and energy. Be online on at least one popular platform which is suits the best to your kind of audience and try to build trust by posting good contents.


4. Not Having High-Quality Contents
The goal is to build a relationship between the users, your website and the search engines. It will be a huge mistake if you focus on anything else and forget about the most essential thing. Other things are important but do not forget to have high-quality contents on your website otherwise, visitors would not simply like your website. Remember one thing “content is the real king”.


5. Having A Slow Loading Website
From the perspective of a user, I personally, do not like websites that take a lot of time to open. Yes, it is not an easy task to do but at least try to improve the loading time because if you don’t, it will be a huge mistake. Remember, a faster website will bring more traffic to you.


6. Not Promoting Own Blog Posts
Promotion is very important for any website or Blog. Don’t expect people to do everything for you. Promoting own work is not a mistake and you should never be shy about it. In the beginning, it matters a lot.


7. Not Having A Consistent Publishing Schedule
It doesn’t matter if you are publishing daily, once or twice in a week or even once in ten days. What matters is having a consistent schedule of publishing. It is more or less important but it does have an SEO value.


8. Internal Linking
Yes, I expect a lot of people to think that it is a waste of time but no, it is not. Most webmasters don’t even think of making internal links because they assume that is is a waste of time.No, it is not! It is also a vital part of SEO.


9. Only Targeting High Traffic Keywords
It might seem easy but high traffic keywords are very competitive and if you are starting a new website, please forget about them. If you think it is going to bring more traffic to your website, you’re wrong. In reality, it is very hard to get traffic from there from a normal website.


10. Not Formatting The Content
It is very common for starters for creating pages with only texts in the main area without having proper headings, subheadings, paragraphing, etc. This is not only bad for search engines to understand but also for users like us.

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